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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scientology-Tied Front Sight Seized by Authorities

Reported Scientology customer Ignatius Piazza ran an allegedly notorious and violent firearms enterprise in Nevada and has for many years hotly denied his alleged connections to the Scientology crime syndicate despite evidence to the contrary widely available on the Internet (See Scientology Completions link for details.)

It has been reported by the Pahrump Valley Times that due to the racketeering, fraud, and other extensive criminal allegations that are appparently pandemic with Scientology-connected enterprises, authorities have finally seized control of Piazza's assets.

Read The Pahrump Valley Times Story Here

One of the Scientology brainwashing regimes that Piazza is alleged to have subjected himself to is known as "The Sunshine Rundown:"

An expensive auditing "therapy" routine similar to a locational, in which the Preclear (patient) is told to look at things about them. "Solo audited without a meter. Spotting drills where the Clear spots specific things in the environment. Four of the five things to spot may include something near, something far, something big, and something small. Available at Class V Organizations which deliver the CCRD and all higher organizations." - Jonathon Barbera.

Despite the denial of connections with the notorious Scientology criminal enterprise, Piazza's rhetoric in letters as described by the Times certainly matches the lies and rhetoric applied by Scientology customers when the law takes hold of them:

"After they attended over 200 Front Sight Courses and pocketed $830,000 out of the first million dollars I paid timely into the Class Action Settlement Fund, the three malcontents and their ambulance-chasing attorney tried to kill Front Sight and terminate your membership by forcing us into foreclosure. So I cut them (and their followers) off at the knees!

"In this letter I reveal all the gory details and show you how the new Front Sight turned the tables on these back-stabbing saboteurs."

For the full flavor of the latest embarrassment to Scientology, be sure to check out the full news story.

For detailed litigation information against the Scientology criminal, Click Here

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