Scientology really is an IQ test: Smart people recognize Scientology as a scam and a fraud, normal people fall for the scam from time to time and learn from the experience, stupid people go on and on, handing over their money knowing that it's not working but crazy enough to not be able to stop.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Scientology Slave Labor -- How Stupid is That?

Here at Stupid Cult we are faced with an annoying problem: How to select the dumbest cult stunt of the day for featuring on the Blog. There are so many stupid cults out there pulling stupid stunts that it really gets difficult picking through the pile to find one that screams stupidity above all others.

How dumb do you have to be to run an organized crime ring, pretending to have “employees,” and then not paying them? What stupid cult fuck doesn’t know that eventually some of the cult’s fake “employees” that he rooked and swindled will turn around years later and file criminal and/or civil lawsuits against him?

Ding ding! We have today’s winner! David Miscaviage, Scientology’s head crime boss. Miscaviage abused a 12-year-old girl in virtual slave labor crimes and managed to get away with it for years, committing fraud, tax evasion, human trafficking, human rights abuses, and child abuse for years until Laura Decrescenzo finally escaped and is now seeking justice:

Click here for Laura Decrescenzo's Lawsuit

At Stupid Cult we enjoy a good IQ test as much as anybody, but working as a slave, bring forced to have an abortion and being physically abused sounds like the kind of stuff that most of us would put up with for a day or maybe two, and we have to judge Laura’s IQ on the merits of her case.

So, on a scale of 1 to 100 with George W. Bush’s alleged intelligence being on the “1” side of the scale and Carl Sagan being on the “100” side, we can only place Laura’s IQ at a generous 64.

And as for David Miscaviage and the rest of the criminals at Scientology, we give them an IQ rating of 2 -- an extra point for managing to get away with these crimes against Laura for so long.

Check out this blog for all the stupid details

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