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Friday, May 29, 2009

Scientology Assaults Citizen at French Criminal Trial

This just in, XenuFrance reporting:

I don't have yet the exact data, but here is what happened yesterday inside
the Palais de Justice de Paris, while people were waiting for the 12th
Chambre Session against the cult of scientology.

Three anticultsts were waiting for the session start, in the very large
waiting/transit hall between Chambers.

One of the anticultist, the well known clown "Nono la Patate", alias Jeff,
was speaking peacefully with policemen (gendarmes) responsibe to keep
curious outside, etc.

The two others were speaking calmly to what looks to be a scientology
executive. All of a sudden and for some reason nobody knows, the guy jumped
on Nono la Patate, who was shocked.

Immediateley after, the guy came into the 12th chamber Court, was taken by
the gendarmes , and a mention of this agression was put into the Secretary
(Huissier) of the Court. I should have his name soon. Nono la Patate, who
was sued by scientology twice because he lives in their Paris area and often
speaks against the cult, is now ready to sue the person before the Courts.

As far as I know, my friends have seen that the guy as well as Agnès Bron,
now "spokeperson" of the cult since she replaced Danièle Gounord three days
ago (God knows why!!), was snow-white after the incident. Certainly this
happened just under the gendarmes and the public eyes. A good publicity for
the religion of peace and love.

I add more as soon as I get more (I'm not in Paris these days)

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