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Scientology really is an IQ test: Smart people recognize Scientology as a scam and a fraud, normal people fall for the scam from time to time and learn from the experience, stupid people go on and on, handing over their money knowing that it's not working but crazy enough to not be able to stop.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Scientology Fraud in France

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Scientology fraud
Reporter: Bryan Seymour
Broadcast Date: May 29, 2009

The church of Scientology is fighting one of the biggest battles in its 50-year history.

Forget Xenu the alien overlord and Tom Cruise's bizarre outbursts, this time they're in court facing serious fraud charges.

A woman in France alleges she was manipulated into handing over her life savings.

Bryan Seymour reports the case has ignited questions here about how Scientology minds its own business.

Scientology is under siege.

"Well in Germany Scientology isn't recognised as a religion and in France it's leaders are facing fraud charges," said Nick Xenophon, the Independent Federal Senator from South Australia.

In Paris a court will decide if Scientology fraudulently manipulated a woman into handing over $36,000.

"The only purpose of Scientology is to take money from people," said the French prosecutor in the case. He is seeking to have Scientology's leaders found guilty and fined over ten million dollars and to have the group banned from France altogether.

The French spokeswoman for Scientology was blunt in her assessment of the case: "=C3=A2=EF=BF=BD=C2=A6it's nothing really, it's bullshit really."

She added that the judge may have been influenced "by the media and the climate" to allow the trial to proceed, which is a serious and unfounded allegation.

Originally four people were accusing Scientology of fraud but two of them came to a financial settlement with the organisation.

The woman at the centre of the trial says she was walking past Scientology headquarters in Paris in 1998. She was approached in the street and offered a free personality test.

"She was humiliated and defrauded for a long time, she bought cases full of expensive books and cassettes all cloaked in this goal of self-improvement to become this incredible person," said the French Prosecutor trying the case

Not surprisingly, the test revealed she had shortfalls. She says she was told Scientology had the cure and was then scammed into buying books, courses, vitamins and even an electrometer, which is supposedly able to measure mental energy.

Scientology says the case is one of religious discrimination rather than the alleged fraud leading to members handing over their life savings.

"There's no witch-hunt, France respects freedom but even with religious freedom France can't ignore people breaking the law, if you have religious freedom if you can't do things that are above the law," said a French Government official.

After a nine year inquiry into the group, a French judge declared Scientology " first and foremost a commercial business."

Prosecutors allege the director of Scientology in France, Alain Rosenberg, and six other top officials preyed on vulnerable would-be followers "...with the goal of seizing their fortune by exerting a psychological hold."

Today Tonight were contacted by a woman who claimed she had been recruited into Scientology as a child and manipulated into handing over a vast sum of money. When Today Tonight approached Scientology to respond to her claims, they said the woman had signed a confidentiality contract with them and they sent their lawyers scurrying to court seeking an injunction on the story.

But that's not why Today Tonight decided not to show the interview. Her family asked that the the interview not be aired - and Today Tonight agree... her best interests should come first.

Federal senator Nick Xenophon says it's time to re-examine Scientology's claims as a religion and to change the laws to force the group to start paying tax.

"We need to have a close look at those laws because I think there's a lot of community concern that an organisation such as Scientology gets the huge benefits of having the tax exempt status as a religion," Senator Xenophon said.

Historically Scientology brands anyone who questions their organisation a religious bigot.

"This is not about religious bigotry, this is about accountability and I think it's pretty cowardly of an organisation to start accusing those that just want to question the way they operate, to make sure what they do is transparent, accountable and fair," Senator Xenophon said.

As always, the church of Scientology declined a request to be interviewed.

No doubt they'll be closely watching what happens in France.

"I think there is a role for regulators, for governments to have a very close look at these tactics because if they don't we'll continue to see more and more of these cases emerging where people's lives are being destroyed because they've handed over their life savings, they've handed over their inheritances to Scientology," Senator Xenophon said.

The cult information and family support network has branded Scientology a cult, not a religion and say ex-members can contact them for help and advice.

Scientology Assaults Citizen at French Criminal Trial

This just in, XenuFrance reporting:

I don't have yet the exact data, but here is what happened yesterday inside
the Palais de Justice de Paris, while people were waiting for the 12th
Chambre Session against the cult of scientology.

Three anticultsts were waiting for the session start, in the very large
waiting/transit hall between Chambers.

One of the anticultist, the well known clown "Nono la Patate", alias Jeff,
was speaking peacefully with policemen (gendarmes) responsibe to keep
curious outside, etc.

The two others were speaking calmly to what looks to be a scientology
executive. All of a sudden and for some reason nobody knows, the guy jumped
on Nono la Patate, who was shocked.

Immediateley after, the guy came into the 12th chamber Court, was taken by
the gendarmes , and a mention of this agression was put into the Secretary
(Huissier) of the Court. I should have his name soon. Nono la Patate, who
was sued by scientology twice because he lives in their Paris area and often
speaks against the cult, is now ready to sue the person before the Courts.

As far as I know, my friends have seen that the guy as well as Agnès Bron,
now "spokeperson" of the cult since she replaced Danièle Gounord three days
ago (God knows why!!), was snow-white after the incident. Certainly this
happened just under the gendarmes and the public eyes. A good publicity for
the religion of peace and love.

I add more as soon as I get more (I'm not in Paris these days)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tom Cruise Still Can't Join Military

Oh noes! Tom Cruise and John Travolta still can't join the military despite Obama's efforts to let them in.

Click HERE for the full story

I guess the military doesn't have closets big enough.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

John Travolta And Tom Cruise Can Save Scientology

The notorious Scientology crime syndicate is on trial again in France, this time on indictments fot more of the usual racketeering. Amusing details about this latest cycle of criminal indictments and (eventually) prison sentences for noted Scientology crime bosses and ringleaders can be found here:

Save Us, John and Tom!

How many Scientology criminals will go to prison this time?

Let's hope that David Miscaviage, the enterprise's top crime boss, gets extradicted.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scientology-Tied Front Sight Seized by Authorities

Reported Scientology customer Ignatius Piazza ran an allegedly notorious and violent firearms enterprise in Nevada and has for many years hotly denied his alleged connections to the Scientology crime syndicate despite evidence to the contrary widely available on the Internet (See Scientology Completions link for details.)

It has been reported by the Pahrump Valley Times that due to the racketeering, fraud, and other extensive criminal allegations that are appparently pandemic with Scientology-connected enterprises, authorities have finally seized control of Piazza's assets.

Read The Pahrump Valley Times Story Here

One of the Scientology brainwashing regimes that Piazza is alleged to have subjected himself to is known as "The Sunshine Rundown:"

An expensive auditing "therapy" routine similar to a locational, in which the Preclear (patient) is told to look at things about them. "Solo audited without a meter. Spotting drills where the Clear spots specific things in the environment. Four of the five things to spot may include something near, something far, something big, and something small. Available at Class V Organizations which deliver the CCRD and all higher organizations." - Jonathon Barbera.

Despite the denial of connections with the notorious Scientology criminal enterprise, Piazza's rhetoric in letters as described by the Times certainly matches the lies and rhetoric applied by Scientology customers when the law takes hold of them:

"After they attended over 200 Front Sight Courses and pocketed $830,000 out of the first million dollars I paid timely into the Class Action Settlement Fund, the three malcontents and their ambulance-chasing attorney tried to kill Front Sight and terminate your membership by forcing us into foreclosure. So I cut them (and their followers) off at the knees!

"In this letter I reveal all the gory details and show you how the new Front Sight turned the tables on these back-stabbing saboteurs."

For the full flavor of the latest embarrassment to Scientology, be sure to check out the full news story.

For detailed litigation information against the Scientology criminal, Click Here

Monday, April 6, 2009

Scientology Slave Labor -- How Stupid is That?

Here at Stupid Cult we are faced with an annoying problem: How to select the dumbest cult stunt of the day for featuring on the Blog. There are so many stupid cults out there pulling stupid stunts that it really gets difficult picking through the pile to find one that screams stupidity above all others.

How dumb do you have to be to run an organized crime ring, pretending to have “employees,” and then not paying them? What stupid cult fuck doesn’t know that eventually some of the cult’s fake “employees” that he rooked and swindled will turn around years later and file criminal and/or civil lawsuits against him?

Ding ding! We have today’s winner! David Miscaviage, Scientology’s head crime boss. Miscaviage abused a 12-year-old girl in virtual slave labor crimes and managed to get away with it for years, committing fraud, tax evasion, human trafficking, human rights abuses, and child abuse for years until Laura Decrescenzo finally escaped and is now seeking justice:

Click here for Laura Decrescenzo's Lawsuit

At Stupid Cult we enjoy a good IQ test as much as anybody, but working as a slave, bring forced to have an abortion and being physically abused sounds like the kind of stuff that most of us would put up with for a day or maybe two, and we have to judge Laura’s IQ on the merits of her case.

So, on a scale of 1 to 100 with George W. Bush’s alleged intelligence being on the “1” side of the scale and Carl Sagan being on the “100” side, we can only place Laura’s IQ at a generous 64.

And as for David Miscaviage and the rest of the criminals at Scientology, we give them an IQ rating of 2 -- an extra point for managing to get away with these crimes against Laura for so long.

Check out this blog for all the stupid details