Scientology really is an IQ test: Smart people recognize Scientology as a scam and a fraud, normal people fall for the scam from time to time and learn from the experience, stupid people go on and on, handing over their money knowing that it's not working but crazy enough to not be able to stop.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

John Travolta And Tom Cruise Can Save Scientology

The notorious Scientology crime syndicate is on trial again in France, this time on indictments fot more of the usual racketeering. Amusing details about this latest cycle of criminal indictments and (eventually) prison sentences for noted Scientology crime bosses and ringleaders can be found here:

Save Us, John and Tom!

How many Scientology criminals will go to prison this time?

Let's hope that David Miscaviage, the enterprise's top crime boss, gets extradicted.

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